Scottish Country Dancing 

6-week Beginners’ Course

Starting Thursday 9th May 2024 – Thursday 13 June 2024
7pm -8pm Towncourt Room,
Petts Wood War Memorial Hall BR5 1LA

Course objectives:

A 6 week course to learn the basics of Scottish Country Dancing

with a goal to joining in social dancing on a

Thursday from 8pm -10.15pm in the main hall.

Soft soled shoes required
Cost £60

To book your place or for more details please contact Ginny 07751303610.

Or send a message via the contacts page on the website www.orpingtonscottishdancing.com

Helpful Information

You will need a love of dancing, enthusiasm, a sense of fun and a basic level of fitness equivalent to skipping around a room in time to music.  A pair of soft shoes will do to begin with but if you decide to join you will need to purchase a pair of Scottish dancing shoes. Here are some online suppliers :




Most ladies like to dance in a skirt. Men, once they decide it’s for them, may want to acquire a kilt. We welcome all new dancers either on their own, with a friend or two or as a couple.

What it costs
£60 for a 6 week course starting Thursday 9th May - Thursday 13 June 2024

Once you’re into it!
Once you have learnt the basics and are more confident  you can attend our Social Dance evening on Thursdays. This fun and sociable group meets  at Petts Wood Memorial Hall,  100 Petts Wood Road, BR5 1LA from 8pm to 10.15pm. Cost is £5.00. There are also a number of very well attended social dances organised by the Society throughout the year. These include an Autumn Dance in October, St Andrew's Celebration in November, Hogmanay on 31st December, Burns' Night in January, a March On Dance for newcomers and a Summer Dance usually held in June.  Many members also attend the dances of other clubs and societies locally, nationally and even internationally. There are plenty of popular local dances that can be found on the KASS website kass.org.uk

A brilliant website to help you  -        www.scottish-country-dancing-dictionary.com

Have a look at this website because it will show you everything you need to know!  Including crib sheets, videos of the dances, and instructions explaining footwork and formations.  

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