Orpington and District Caledonian Society

Thursday 16th May 2019

​MCs are Di Lewis and Deirdre Wilden

Tambourine Reel.                   R8x32. 3C(4C set)
the Blue Mess Jacket.           S4x32.  4c set
Fugal Fergus.                         J8x48.   3c(4c set)
Nottingham Lace                   R96 Sq set
Rougemont Castle.               S3 x 32  3c set
Quarries Jig.                          J8 x 32.   3c (4c set)

Extra. Pelorus Jack.              J8 x 32.   3c (4c set)

Currie Mountain.                   R8 x 32.   3c (4c set)
Mrs Milne oF Kinneff.           S4 x 32.   Sq set
Jim’s Haberdashery.             J8 x 40.    3c (4c set)
Cramond Bridge.                  R8 x 32.    3c (4c set)
The Duchess Tree                 S8 x 32.    3c (4c set)
The Irish Rover.                      R8 x 32.     3c (4c set)

Extra.  Bratach Bana.              R8 x 32.    3c 4c set)

Thursday 9th May 2019

​MC is John Cottrell

Flight of the Falcon              8x32J

​Ray Milbourne                      4x32R

Miss Gibson's Strathspey   8x32S

The Cocket Hat                     8x40J

Jean Martin of Aberdeen     3x32S

The Highland Rambler         8x40R

Tribute to the Borders          8x32J

Nottingham Lace                  96R

Wind on Loch Fyne              3x32S

The Luckenbooth Brooch    8x32J

Everything Stops for Tea     8x32S

The Irish Rover                     8x32R