Orpington and District Caledonian Society

Thursday 18th July 2019

MCs are Ginny and Joan

Ramadan-ce R8x32 3c(4cset)
My Heather Hills J3x48 3c set
Glengarry Homestead S4x32 4c set
The Missing Turn R8x32 3c(4cset)
Dundee City Police J5x32  5c set
Bruce’s men S3x32 3c set 

The Summer Assembly (R88) Square set.
Inchmickery (J5x32) 5c set.
Jean Martin of Aberdeen (S3x32) 3c set.
The Elephant Stampede (J4x48) Sq. set. 

Mary Erskine (R8x32) 3c(4cset)
Irish Rover (R8x32) 3c(4cset)

Extras:  West's Hornpipe (R4x32)